Wedding Stories

tara and dan – a sunshine valley wedding

A few short months before Tara and Dan’s wedding one of Tara’s friends a local wedding planner contacted me to see if I would be available for her good friends wedding… you see, Tara, who is just like me and insanely Type A had everything done and ready except for one glaring thing….no photographer. Tara runs events at local radio station SONIC so I knew the wedding would be super fun and it was at a unique venue almost 3 hours away so I was totally game! The day of, Amanda and I headed out early and make the trek out to Sunshine Valley. The ceremony location was breathtaking and with so many photo opportunities……it was a photographers dream come true. I even got to chatting with the makeup artist Darcie and turns out she would be getting married in the fall and had been wanting to chat with me about being there to document her day.

It was a fabulous day with sunny skies, great people and stunning backdrops… and within the week I had been brought on to shoot MUA Darcie’s wedding too….I call that a fantastic day all around