Every wedding season, I get wonderful emails and thank you cards from my clients. Here is what they had to say…

I received my c.d. last friday after weeks of anticipation, and of course your ability to create fairy-tale like photographs went way beyond our expectations! You are talented beyond words. Thank-you soo much! Thank You.~ Jodi

Just wanted to let you know how much I love the pictures! They turned out so incredibly well.
The whole experience was just a blast, and the pictures really captured that. I can’t wait to show them to Bryn, especially the one where he is eating the broccoli (he doesn’t remember doing that)
Thanks so much for everything!

Hello Erin, hope all is going well for you! We wanna thank you so much for the amazing pictures!!! We received them a few days ago and they are absolutely AMAZING!!! We knew you were the best in the business and this, totally confirmed it. Thank you for your incredible hard work and commitment to giving us such outstanding memories of the happiest day of our lives! ~ Isabel & Stephen

We’re speechless Erin – the photos are beautiful, gorgeous, stunning & perfect, all rolled into one! Wow!!
Thank you so very much for capturing memories that we will treasure always ~ Nadine & Dave

Hi Erin,

Mike and I can not thank you enough for the gorgeous wedding photos. Both of us were blown away by what a beautiful job you did, your creativity, and your ability to capture the essence of the day in pictures. All of our family and friends raved about how professional, efficient and creative you were too. We couldn’t be happier with how the day went, and we were so glad you were there to capture all of the special moments we shared. The photos are amazing- thank you sooooo much! ~ Jessica & Mike

Hey erin,

holy crap…we look like rockstars. those school pics never did me justice. Best photographer ever! Anyways,our wedding invite designer was wondering if it was possible for you to send me all the pics that are in the slide show so she can put a final thank you card together for us. Hopefully that’s possible. And i look forward to hearing back from you. Thanks for everything Erin. ~ Dave and Victoria Hopkins

Erin and Gabrielle

Thanks so much for making Nadine and Dave’s day so special. I’ve been spending the last few days raving about you and how great that you were. The pictures look absolutely beautiful, and I can’t wait to see the rest! Please know that when I succeed in my plan to marry Wentworth Miller (from Fox’s Prison Break), you will be my photographer! ~ Denise

Hey Erin,

Thanks so much for the perfect day of photos. You not only are a great photographer your were great addition to our day. Oh my god. the slide show was amazing. I cried. You really do create a romantic story that everyone wants to follow.
Thanks again, there isn’t anyone else that can do what you do, with the freshness for every different wedding and the genuine respect for love and the caring showed to all who cross your path.
Thank you isn’t adequate to describe how wonderful you have made our memories.
A thousand thank you’s ~ Chrissy and Aaron Kristiansen

hi erin! i officiated lisa and david’s wedding(redhead)  i just wanted to say that the photos you took are absolutely GORGEOUS! i love your eye and style fantastic! can’t wait to see the rest you make everybody look like moviestars!!
thanks again! ~ renee

Hi erin,

I just wanted to tell you that jen and I and our family all love the photos that you took.There are some great shots that we’ve already enlarged and will treasure for a long time.Thanks again for being so patient with baby matthias and delivering them so quickly. We weren’t expecting to see anything for weeks ~ Terry and Jen.

Hi Erin,
I am a fellow photographer from Seattle, and am getting married in Maine in May. As a photographer, I am sure you know how important the photos are, and I have been searching and searching high and low for an ARTIST to photograph our wedding.. I have booked a friend to do it for us, and while i am thrilled with our choice, I jut wanted to write to you that I think your images are just stunning, and simply elegant and creative. They are art, pure art.. and I wish I had seen your site earlier in this process,and I wish I had a million bucks, b/c then I could hire you too!
Anyway, sorry to ramble, just wanted to share a little professional praise!
Best Regards, ~Sara Tro

Hi Erin!

They are absolutely beautiful – I’ve gone through them at least a bazillion times, and everytime I see something new I like.
Thank you! ~ Aneen

I had a friend who was recently at a wedding you shot and I am just sending a message saying what a wonderful job you do. I live in Calgary if we ever have the opportunity to have some pictures done I will be in touch. Also can you email me the name of the singer in your theme mad about you. Best photography I have ever seen ~ claire

You rock   thank you ~Angie

Hi Erin,

Wow I am absolutely blown away by your slideshow online. The pictures are so beautiful.

You were amazing all day yesterday- you really made the day special for us with your energy, enthusiasm and great suggestions for pictures. And we had such a great time running around gastown and the the seawall.

Thank you so much for everything. ~ Monica

Hey Erin,

My sister said you photgraphed her friend Merideth’s wedding on Saturday, so I took a peak on your blog. Those pictures with the belugas are INCREDIBLE and I just wanted to say Wow!! ~Kerridan

Erin, I just want to say that the photos are absolutely amazing. Can’t find better words to describe. These should definitely be shown to P.R. at the Aquarium, they’ll want to use them in their event advertising. Thank you so much for capturing the emotions of the day, love and fun. Fond regards, ~Cathie

Hi Erin,

You kick ass! Thank you for everything that you do. We had so much fun taking the photos (and that is a lot coming from Tony). You really know how to have fun and keep everyone relaxed. Thank you very much for having the pictures on your website so quickly. Tony’s grandma teared up at the picture of the two of us looking directly into the camera lens. Your pictures are absolutely stunning and we cannot wait to see more. ~Meredith and Tony Dew

Erin, we can’t say much right now because we are speechless…! Thanks so much for being so speedy about this. It’ll make my dad a very happy man. You’re the best ~ Felicia
Dear Erin,

Patrick and I have checked out you blog for our pictures and WE LOVE THEM! We look at the slideshow over and over and can’t believe how wonderful they are. The blog that you wrote was very kind and thoughtful too. Thank you so much for taking such amazing pictures and for being so professional and FUN to work with. We had such an amazing day and we are very grateful that you were part of it. ~Melanie and Patrick

Erin, what can I say? Your photographs of Chelsea and Jeff’s wedding are utterly stunning. You’ve captured both the joy and the artistry of the day.
So much is going on throughout the wedding for all participants – and it’s challenging to take it all in. Having the images helps to revisit and hold on to those many magical moments

The extra effort you go to in posting a selection of photos on your blog so quickly after the event is tremendously appreciated. Within hours we were able to direct friends and relatives worldwide to visit your website. What a wonderful way to be able to include those unable to be present with such immediacy.

I’m a great believer in the power of photography – in fact, my own doctoral work has been related to using photography with children. I don’t claim to have any particular skill, but I certainly do have an appreciative eye. Your work is magnificent!! ~Laurie Kocher

Hi Erin,

Around 10:40pm this evening, I got a very excited yell from my mom that she needed to see me right away .she had taken the liberty to have a quick look at your website to see if there were any photos up on your blog!! After I had specifically told her that we wouldn’t see anything until maybe Monday. Well her nosiness made my night!!!!!!!

Myself, Jay and my mom watched the slide show together and oh my god!!!!!!!!!!! The photos are amazing. I love them.I love them.I love them. We all love them!!!!!!! I had goose bumps!!

Erin, you made my day and Natalie were wonderful to work with and so easy going with both Jay and I and our entire wedding party. All of us want to thank you for capturing such awesome moments and for letting all of us be ourselves.

We were so lucky to have you photograph our wedding and Jay and I will truly cherish the photos forever!! We can’t thank you. ~Stacey and Jason

Oh my god, Erin they are beautiful!!! I can hardly see what I’m typing because of the tears in my eyes. Is that normal?! Thank you so much for capturing exactly what we felt that day. The photos have exceeded our expectations. Thank you also for giving us these sneak peeks to the photos. You gone above and beyond what we expected. You are the BEST!!! I’ll be sure to pass the link on to Josh’s parents and to everyone else too. Thank you again Erin, for everything.

~Monica and Josh